Exam schedule

Spring Final Exam Schedule Spring Final Exam Schedule Final Examinations will be held MayAll classes will meet during the examination times listed below whether or not a final exam is given. No final examination shall be given to individual students before the regular time. Any student who finds it impossible to take a final examination on the date scheduled must make arrangements with the instructor to have an incomplete grade reported and must take the deferred final examination within the time allowed for making up incomplete grades. Finals are scheduled in the same classroom as section meets during the semester.

Exam schedule

Exams for courses regularly scheduled for 6 p. Exams for lab sections will be during the last regularly scheduled lab before exam week. First block courses will be tested during the regular class period.

SOCRA Exam Schedule: CCRP Certification

Second block courses will follow the schedule listed above. Note that special times have been set aside for multiple section exams.

Exam schedule

Courses of 1 and 2 credit hours may have different examination schedules based on approved departmental provisions. These dates and times will be identified by the instructor on the course syllabus. In the event of an exam conflict, or if a student has more than three exams on the same day, the student and the instructors will agree upon an alternate time for the student to take one of the exams.

Should the University close a second day or on the Friday of exam week, the exams scheduled for that day would be moved to Saturday afternoon of exam week.

Exams scheduled to be taken on-line outside of the classroom will be administered on the originally scheduled date, regardless of changes to the in-class exam schedule due to unexpected University closures.If a student is registered for a course in which a group exam is being given, the student must take the exam at the time of the group exam and not at the time shown in .

Make-Up Examinations. In instances of schedule conflict between the main campus and the engineering campus, the main campus schedule will take precedence.

Final Exam Schedules: Office of the Registrar - Northwestern University

Fall Exam Calendar (Back to Top)The exam schedule is subject to review and change. Reading the Exam Calendar: Find the time and day(s) that your class meets during the semester to find your exam date and time.

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Exam schedule

This exam requires you to download and run the PSI Secure Browser in order to begin the exam on your scheduled date and time. Option 1 - Download Now Download Secure. Reynolds Community College Exam Schedule for Fall

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