Lord of the flies symbol summary essay

What are the true reasons of the degradation of the society? Is there any way to really transform a savage to a civilized citizen? Why do the primitive instincts take over the society?

Lord of the flies symbol summary essay

Both the conch and civilization are fragile, vital, and extremely intricate. At first, the conch is respected, but throughout the course of the novel it slowly loses its value. Eventually, the conch is smashed to pieces along with civilization.

In the beginning of Lord of the Flies, the conch is valued by all of the boys because civilization is still fresh in their minds. Piggy suggests using the conch to call a meeting because he wants everyone to be together, and form a civilization.

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Everyone obeys the conch without question because everyone obeys authority figures in the real world without question. The conch is related to civilization, for when the conch is sounded, the boys gather together.

The idea that the person with the conch is the only person speaking is proof that the conch is a symbol of civilization. The boys would not disrespect a grownup in civilization, so they dare not disrespect the conch.

Throughout the course of the novel, the boys start to disrespect the conch because civilization is drifting away. Youre breaking the rules! This quote demonstrates the fact that Jack has no regards for the rules Ralph has made. This is the turning point for the power of the conch, and marks the downfall of civilization on the island.

We know who ought to say things. What good did Simon do speaking, or Bill, or Walter? Jack points out to all of the boys that the conch is no longer needed, and immediately takes initiative by speaking out of turn.

Jack realizes there are no grown ups on the island, and figures out he will not get in trouble for disrespecting the conch. In other words, civilization will not look down on him because it does not exist anymore. The conch and civilization both lose their value as the story progresses.

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Lord of the Flies is full of biblical references, starting from the title, which is a translation of the name of Beelzebub, a prince of the demons.

The conch is also one of the most prominent symbols, almost equal to royal regalia in the boys’ society. Get an answer for 'What are some thesis statements that I can write an essay about in Lord of the Flies? They need to be arguable and I need points to prove the statement.' and find homework help.

Lord of the flies symbol summary essay

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Year Published: Pages: The Lord Of The Flies Summary of Chapters. Chapter It begins with a group of English schoolboys alone on an island, having been aboard a plane that was shot down.

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