The encomiendas

See Article History Latin American art, artistic traditions that developed in Mesoamerica, Central Americaand South America after contact with the Spanish and the Portuguese beginning in andrespectively, and continuing to the present. This article will not discuss the art of non-Iberian colonial holdings that began late in the 16th century and culminated in the 17th; for these territories, see individual country articles e.

The encomiendas

Exploration Byalmost all of the Aztec empire, along with such regions as Colina, the valley of Oaxaca and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec had been brought under control of the colony. Ports were set up such as Acapulco to search for a passage to the East. In the s most the Yucatan was conquered and the city of Merida was founded in The city states of the Mayans proved difficult to conquer unlike the centralized Aztecs.

A revolt broke out in which took 20 years and an estimated Spanish lives to quell. The last Mayan state did not fall till A large silver find in Zacatecas in the mid s led to increased Spanish attempts to subdue the north.

In the north the borders were slowly extended by missionaries and a few settlers and included most of modern day Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California. Francisco Vazquez de Coronado Mendoza appointed Francisco Vazquez de Coronado to search for Cibola and the seven cities of Gold rumored to exist in the north in Coronado set off with Spaniards and hundred of Indian allies.

The Indians, wishing to get rid of the gold fevered Spanish quickly, always told the Spanish the gold cities were further on. The Mixton War of - 41 Tenamaxtli The expedition had one unintended consequence.

A large number of Spaniards who had settled in New Galicia northern Mexico went on Coronado's expedition, leaving the area undermanned.

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The Indians, vengeful of their treatment by Guzman took advantage of the opportunity to rebel in the ensuing Mixton Warled by Tenamaxtlithe most serious revolt of the times. Alavardo himself was killed trying to subdue the Indians and the rebellion ended only after the viceroy led a large army into the area.

Mendoza left a flourishing colony when he retired in with a legacy of strong royal rule. His successor, Luis de Velasco became known as the father of the Indians. The novel Aztec Autumn by Gary Jennings is an account of this war. Nine years after the Mixton Rebellionit's continuation, the Chichimeca War began and went on for half a century, with the Spanish eventually buying off the Chichimecs.

The encomiendas

The hand of God was seen in the discovery of Mexico, a gift from God for freeing Spain from the Moslems, who were still viewed as a menace. Charles V took this charge seriously, and was concerned for the physical and spiritual welfare of the Indians. Cortes recommended that the Crown send the Franciscans, Dominicans and the Augustinians - the mendicant orders and not the secular clergy.

The mendicant monks were respected for their vows of povertymonastic life and humble character. The Franciscan monks were the first to arrive in They were not seeking a Cibola and riches in gold. Many were influenced by the Renaissance ideas of the timethat they could create an ideal society such as Thomas More's Utopia and St.

Augustin's City of Godwhich would perhaps lead to the second coming of Christ.

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Some of these communities became self sustaining and even prosperous with their own craft making. Cuilapan The friars spread out into the country, often being the first Europeans to explore an area.Mexico Table of Contents.

The conquest of the Aztec empire required an enormous effort and a tremendous sacrifice by Cortés's army, and after their victory, the soldiers demanded what they had come for: prestige and wealth.

The History of Mexico from ancient times to the modern day. Time Line of Mexican history, mp3 lectures, videos and, Mexican history quiz and glossary.

Olmecs, Toltecs, Zapotecs, Mayans,Aztecs, Corts, colonial Mexico, Mexican War for Independence, Early Mexicn Republica, Santa Anna, Mexican-American War, French Intervention, Diaz and the Porfiriato, Mexican Revolution, Obergon, Callas .

The Santa Rosa Carib Community (SRCC) is the major organization of indigenous people in Trinidad and Caribs of Arima are descended from the original Amerindian inhabitants of Trinidad; Amerindians from the former encomiendas of Tacarigua and Arauca (Arouca) were resettled to Arima between and The SRCC was incorporated in to preserve the culture of the Caribs of .

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